Two Months to Go

Christmas is two months away. Actually, there are 60 days as of today; yesterday was the official 2-month mark. I’ve got a good start on the holidays. My lists are complete. Most of my shopping is done. Menus are penciled in. I’ve gone over my card list and guest lists.

People think I’m wacky. Well, they’re right. I’m also one of those people who walks around in December all calm and full of Christmas joy because I’m enjoying the holidays instead of spending them all frazzled. Part of what helps me be organized for the holidays is keeping lists and ideas from year to year. Updating a gift list, menu, or guest list is much easier than coming up with one from scratch. I have two different files for this. The first is on my computer. The other is in a file folder that’s accessible all year. After all, I might find a great idea in May, and I don’t want to have to dig through the Christmas boxes to find that folder.

The other thing that really helps me is a fantastic website I found a few years ago while looking for a Christmas countdown. It’s This site has great resources including a free, downloadable, customizable Christmas planner. They also have great make-at-home gift ideas and free, downloadable gift tags. They even have a countdown that can help you get a little done each week leading up to Christmas. You’ll also find great ideas for other holidays there as well.

I know it’s not even Halloween yet. I know that two months seems like plenty of time to get everything done. And, it is as long as you don’t wait another month to get started.


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