Are you getting feedback? Are you benefitting from feedback?

Occasionally I send a questionnaire to my hosts after we’ve closed the party. I’ll ask about satisfaction with various aspects of my party—host coaching, ease of hosting, information given at the party, ease of closing. I’ll also ask about things I’m thinking of offering—would it make a difference if I did _____________. This lets me evaluate the job I’m doing with my hosts.

I do surveys as door prize slips at my parties. I encourage people to give me feedback.

Invite another consultant to watch you work and offer a critique.

I love it when my host is a representative with another direct sales company. When we close I ask if there was anything they especially liked or didn’t like about the job I did.

The two most important things about feedback have to do with how you handle it. First, the proper response when someone give you feedback is, “Thank you.” Good or bad, a simple thanks is appropriate.

The second thing is what you do with the information. Now, there are times when I’ve gotten feedback that, after careful and prayerful consideration, I’ve decided was simply a matter of difference in personal preference. There are times when I realize that a response has more to do with the frame of mind of the person than what I’m doing. However, I never just make that assumption.

Sometimes the way in which something is said is off-putting, tempting me to simply disregard it. That can be a big mistake, though. Behind the harsh words may be a kernel of truth worth listening to. If one person says that your party lasts too long, it could be that that person was in a hurry that evening. If you start getting a lot of similar comments, you might want to take a look at where you can trim some time.

If you listen and respond to feedback you can increase your effectiveness. It benefits your customers, which benefits your business.


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