Make It Easy

I was talking with a host the other night. She’s hosted lots of direct sales parties but never one with me. I had talked with her before and had left a few messages, but I hadn’t talked with her for a while.

In talking with her she told me that this was the easiest party she’d ever done. I told her that that was my plan. I figure the easier it is for my host the more likely my host is to do another party with me.

How easy do you make it for your hosts? Do they have lots of decisions to make? Are there lists of things for them to do? Here’s my list of host responsibilities:

1. Tell everyone about the party and send out the invitations.

2. Collect any outside orders with payment. (Don’t forget to ask if they want to host their own party!)

3. Provide plates, cups, forks or spoons, and something to drink. (Unless we’ve made other plans, I’ll be bringing a dish already made. There’s no cost to you, and your guests can begin eating when they arrive.)

4. Make out your wish list.

5. Have lots of fun!

Now, I do my parties a little differently than most. But, as you can see, the list of responsibilities is pretty simple.

How easy do you make it on your host? I want the most difficult decision my host makes to be what to get with all of the free product they’ve earned.


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