Touching My Toes

If you followed me around for a few days you’d probably be surprised at how often I bend over and touch my toes. Well, actually, I lay my hands flat on the floor or let them hover just a fraction of an inch above the ground. You would probably be mystified by such behavior.

If you asked, though, you’d find that I have a very good reason for my seemingly odd behavior. You see, my back gets tight and, for lack of a better word, all smushed. This can lead to headaches and back pain. If I were able to drop by the chiropractor several times a day to have just a little bit of traction, I’d be able to skip the toe touches. But, since I can’t, I touch my toes.

The weight of my body pulling “up” (from my waist to my head) on my spine produces a nice bit of traction. I can hear those little pops and crackles as everything lines back up. I can fee the gentle pull on my muscles. It only takes a few seconds to make me feel much, much better. As a matter of fact, I’ve found that this is an effective antidote to that mid-afternoon slump that sometimes hits, especially when I’ve been working at a desk all day.

I don’t generally do this standing in the middle of the aisle at the grocery store. I will, however, do this in any given fitting room, in an out-of-the-way corner at church, the ladies room at a temp assignment, or standing between my van and the open door in a parking lot. Like I said, anyone watching might think I was wacky.

Because I do things like this that look nuts but have a logical explanation, I try to remember that the crazy things I see others doing just might have a certain logic to those people. After all, why would anyone in their right mind stop just outside their vehicle in the mall parking lot and touch their toes?


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