Turkey Day

I wish I had a quarter for everyone who has wished me a “happy turkey day” this year. Actually, instead of a quarter, I just wish I could stop each of them and say, “I’m sorry, but the day isn’t about the turkey. It’s about thanking God for the amazing blessings that He has given us.” I haven’t done that. I’m already seen as wacko enough without becoming the crazy anti-turkey-day lady.

It’s an important thing to me, though. The very air I breath is a gift from God. He has given me a wonderful husband, an amazing son, a warm home, good health, a thriving business, and life itself. Is it too much to ask that I set aside one day out of the year to really sit down and thank Him for those gifts?

So, enjoy the turkey. Eat some yummy mashed potatoes. Have a slice or two of pie. But, most of all, remember that it’s Thanksgiving and to whom you owe that thanks.

By the way, I’ll be taking a couple of days off from blogging as I celebrate Thanksgiving and then hit the shopping hard on Black Friday.


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