I Have a Coupon

I love using coupons. Just the other day I got a free latte and a great discount on lunch. I was stoked. A good deal can make my day. The thing is, I want to make sure I make someone else’s day, too.

When you use a coupon in a situation in which you would normally tip, be sure to tip on the full amount before the discount. After all, the service you received was that required for full price. My free latte was something that most of the people around me were getting, too. I noticed that not one of them tipped. Now, maybe they’re people who simply don’t tip at coffee places. But, my guess is that it never occurred to them to leave a tip since they weren’t paying anything.

I’ve also been with people who used a coupon at a restaurant and clearly left a tip that was a percentage of the discounted price instead of the full price. My son was a server in a high-end seafood restaurant. I know that many people who had discounts or were given a meal for one reason or another didn’t tip or tipped very little. I also know that he worked at least as hard for those people as he did for those who tipped well.

Saving money is a good thing. Doing so by depriving someone else of something they’ve worked hard for is not.


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