What Do You Believe?

Our son is home, and we’re discussing theology. We’re discussing it a lot. Our son street preaches and pastors a small group. He’s a very knowledgeable young man. One of the things we’ve been discussing is the importance of knowing what you believe. If you consider yourself a person of faith, you really should know what you have faith in.

Most people won’t be interested in delving into the intricacies of theology in the same way our son does. It’s part of his passion and calling. However, you really should know the basics. If you consider yourself a Christian, you should know what you believe and why.

Why is this important? If you don’t know what you believe and why you believe it, you can easily be led astray. People have been caught up in all kinds of heresy because they didn’t realize that what they were being taught was not Biblically sound. Read your Bible. Read the footnotes. When someone tells you that a passage says something, check it out in context.

You don’t need to be ready to debate theology, but you should be able to discern Biblical truth from whacky mumbo jumbo.


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