The Wee Hours

I love getting up long before anyone else. Of course, these days the only other person in the house is usually The Furry Guy. For the holidays our son is staying here, too. Still, being up for a few (or several) hours before the others gives me a wonderful opportunity to get things done.

Out of courtesy I do my best not to make a lot of noise. Our bedroom is just off the kitchen, so I generally don’t clean the kitchen or do any cooking beyond our breakfast until after The Furry Guy is awake. Still, those hours are the perfect time to do several things.

Devotions – I get comfy and spend time reading the Bible, reading a devotional book of some kind, and praying.

Exercise – I make enough noise to run The Furry Guy out of the family room if he hasn’t already headed from the nest to the bedroom. But, other than that I manage to keep it fairly quiet while I work up a sweat.

Online stuff – I read and send emails, take care of my social networking, and get things ready to mail. This time of day works great for me.

I am very active on social networking sites like facebook. Why? First and foremost I consider it a way to keep in touch with far-flung friends as part of an encouragement ministry. Secondly, it’s a great way to stay on the minds of my customers. Third, it’s fun. I don’t do games. That’s not my kind of thing. What I do, however, is check on my friends. I let people know what I’m up to that day. On my business profile I share hints, tips, and recipes three days each week. Yes, social networking can be a time suck if you allow it to be that. However, setting a limit or checking on things while waiting for other programs to load can be very productive.

I usually have about 4½ hours between the time I get up and the time The Furry Guy rises. The things I do while he’s still snoozing are much easier to accomplish without his distractions or interruptions, welcome though they may be.

Time alone can be hard to find if you’re the parent of small children, but I encourage you to carve out time to yourself. It’s amazing how much you can get done when you’re able to focus. And, the wee hours of the morning are often the easiest to work in.


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