Don’t Give Up on Me

I ran into a former host the other day. I see her periodically. She hosted a catalog party a couple of years ago. She’s been talking for about six months about hosting another. It’s just never the right time. When I saw her earlier this week she said, “Don’t give up on me. I’ll have that party one of these days.”

Do you give up too easily? Are you so afraid that someone will say no again that you stop asking?

Now, I’m not talking about browbeating someone. I’m not talking about stalking people. When someone asks you to stop calling, stop. But, don’t assume they want you to stop unless they say so.

I want to makes something else clear. I wasn’t actually talking to her about hosting when she made her request of me. I had said hello and asked how she was doing. If every encounter with someone begins and/or ends with you asking for business, you’re not really building a relationship. I see this particular former host every few months. We see one another at the post office, where I’m usually mailing out host packets. I’m almost always dressed in logo-wear. I don’t hesitate to tell her that I’m looking forward to working with her again; I just don’t say that every time I see her.

I won’t be giving up on her. I never give up on a potential host or recruit.


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