Just for Today

I have not always been a planner. As a matter of fact, I’m still not one of those five-year-plan people. I tend toward short-term goals. Even then, sometimes a goal can seem daunting.

When I set my goal in February to lose 20 pounds by the end of the year, it seemed overwhelming. I wasn’t going to be making huge changes, since I was already making mostly healthy choices. Looking ahead 10+ months was too much. I needed to take one day at a time. When I left the workshop where I’d set that goal I stopped at a store to pick up a few things I wanted to have on hand for the next several days. Then I made my plan. I literally started that moment with, “For the rest of the day I will . . .”

The next day, and every day after that, I began the day with, “Today I will . . .”

I couldn’t imagine deciding what I would do for the next 10 months, but I could make the decision about what I would do just for today. I could plan out my meals for today. I could set an exercise program for the next 24 hours.

Of course, doing this day after day helped those plans to become habits. Now I can look forward to the next several months of eating healthy and exercising. I can build in evaluation points. I can map out a week or two of meals, complete with snacks. Still, I know that I’m best looking at what I’m going to do just for today.


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