Batten Down the Hatches

They’re predicting a fairly good winter storm for our area. Of course, those things are relative. When we lived on the coast of North Carolina an inch of snow shut down the USMC base. My friends in Minnesota laugh at six inches of snow as just another weather system.

The storms of life are that way, too. There are things that you can weather that would completely crush others. Then again, something that might not even cause a concern for someone else might bring you to your knees.

I had a friend years ago who would get completely flummoxed if she had more than 1 thing to do in any given day. It was just overwhelming to her. My friends tell me that my facebook postings about what I’ve got on tap for a particular day make them tired. For me they’re just part of a normally busy schedule.

The important thing is to know yourself. What can you handle? What can your marriage handle? The Furry Guy and I spend a lot of time heading off in different directions, but when we’re together we’re TOGETHER. It works for us, but it might not work for you.

When those storms come, whether others think they’re big, bad blizzards or just some flurries, be sure to batten down the hatches. Make sure you’re ready to weather those storms. For personal storms make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep. Eat right. Talk to someone. After all, the storms of life can be every bit as scary and dangerous as our upcoming snowstorm.


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