Clearing My Head

If you are one of my loyal followers, you might have noticed that I haven’t posted for a while. There’s a good reason. I had a tiny bit of drama that got stuck in my head. Every time I went to write something for my blog it quickly turned into something snarky, and that’s not what I wanted out there representing me in cyberspace. There is nothing at all wrong with venting a bit. We all need to do it. And, I have my safe places to let it all out. This isn’t one of them.

You see, I know that anything posted online can take on a life of its own. Once it’s posted I lose all control over what happens to it. And, I also know that what’s out there represents me to people who may never meet me face to face. I am very aware of my online reputation. I want to be a positive presence. Not that I never gripe on facebook or some other online community. But, those posts are part of a general presence. Blog postings can stand alone.

So, I took some time to clear my head and deal with the nasty little snark-demon that was running around loose in there. I’m feeling much better now. The issue itself isn’t gone, but my attitude toward it is better.

When you’re tempted to do some online ranting, take a few minutes (or days) to think through the consequences. Words spoken in anger and frustration can last a while, but those same words online can last forever.


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