Social Media Reminder

Social media is great. I love it. It keeps me in touch with family and friends across the nation. It also gives me another way to stay in touch with customers. I can share all kinds of information—tips, sales, etc.

I am Facebook friends with many fellow consultants in my direct sales business. It is fairly routine for me to receive invitations to their sales or parties. We know one another as fellow consultants, so it’s not as though they actually expect me to attend. What they’ve clearly done is simply create an event and invite everyone. That’s not a good idea.

Facebook allows you to create lists of people—customers, family, friends, etc. I would imagine that most other forms of social media have similar options. If you are sending out customer information, be sure to send it to customers.

Why is this important? Believe me, it doesn’t offend me to receive these invitations. It’s very easy for me to simply click the No button and move on. But, imagine this scenario with me. Connie Consultant is fairly new to Facebook. She has 120 friends. Of those, one third are customers, one third family who aren’t interested in her product, and one third fellow consultants. You’re one of Connie’s customers. You see that 120 people are invited to her party. Of those, 80 have declined the invitation. What message does that send about how valuable Connie’s products are? What message does it send about how easy it might be for you to host your own party?

If you’re using social media, please take the time to divide your friends into categories so that you can target the people who are most likely to respond positively to your invitations and information.


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