One of my guilty pleasures is America’s Next Top Model. I like to watch the transformation that so many of the young women go through. Some of them really blossom. Of course, every season one or two are convinced that they don’t need instruction. They repeat over and over, “I don’t care what anyone says . . .”

I see this in other areas of life as well, even when people are asking for help or advice. It amazes me how easily insecurity and arrogance can share the same space.

I see it time and again in the direct sales business. People beg for help getting sales, bookings, or recruits. When someone offers a suggestion the response is, “I’ve tried that.” I don’t doubt that they have. What I doubt is that they have given it a good try and kept it up long enough for it to be effective.

I’ve seen it among those who have asked for marriage advice. To be honest, most of my advice boils down to be the best, most loving wife you can be. You can’t change him. You can only change yourself. I get a lot of the same responses—they’ve tried that. Or, they agree to do that once he starts being the husband he should be.

None of us is perfect. Most people will immediately agree with that statement, then act as though they are the one exception. Nothing about them needs to change. They’re fine, thank you.

I truly believe that being teachable, being open to changing the things in your life that aren’t working, is imperative. I think it helps us to mature as it, at the same time, keeps us young. It can help our businesses, marriages, and friendships to flourish.


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