Be Prepared

The Furry Guy is an Eagle Scout, so I often joke that “be prepared” was part of our wedding vows. I am, however, truly a believer in being prepared.

Case in point, I was sick last week. I’m talking about sleeping 34 of 36 hours sick. Monday night I was nauseated. Tuesday I felt a little tired but otherwise fine. Wednesday I woke with a fever that eventually rose to 103°F. I was laid out flat by whatever it was I had until Friday evening. I don’t think I’ve ever been more grateful for my sick box.

I actually don’t get sick very often anymore. I used to get whatever virus was passing through the county. It seemed that I didn’t even need to encounter a sick person. I’d get 4 or 5 viruses over the course of the flu season. The Furry Guy, sweet as he is, got tired of my asking him to go out and buy me lemon-lime soda and noodle soup. We decided that a sick box was what we needed.

I literally took a storage box and outfitted it with several two-liter bottles of lemon-lime soda (both sugared and diet), a few boxes of my favorite brand of noodle soup, and a box of freezer pops (a few hours in the freezer and they become one of the best sore throat soothers on the planet). All I had to do was break open the box when I didn’t feel well. Plus, this was much more cost effective, since I could take advantage of sales instead of sending The Furry Guy to the nearest (but rarely cheapest) grocery in search of supplies.

Now that I don’t get sick very often I have a regular schedule for rotating out old products from my sick box so that everything remains fairly fresh. And so, of course, I know I will always be prepared.


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