Choosing What Matters

If you’re a follower of my blog you’ve probably noticed that I haven’t posted for a while. There’s a very good reason. I had to set some strict priorities for a couple of weeks due to some health issues. I’m fine now, but for a time I had to choose which activities were essential and which weren’t.

Do you know your priorities? When I was faced with these choices it was fairly easy for me to draw the line. I know what’s most important to me. I know what I enjoy but can forgo for a while. This blog falls into that second category. My devotional time falls into the first.

Do you know your priorities? Have you sat down and reviewed them recently? Priorities, or the ways in which we express those priorities, change. Family is a big priority for me, but the way I carry out that priority is different now that my nest is empty than it was when our son was a toddler.

My priorities are, in order:
Family (which includes taking care of my own health)

Your priorities might be different. Even if your priorities are the same, the way you handle them will be different. The important thing is to know your priorities and how you want to honor them. If you know that right now, while things are going well, you’ll be able to draw the line when something happens to make you pare down for a while. You’ll be able to choose what really matters to you.


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