Someone Ate My Bulletin

I realized today (not for the first time) that my life is just not normal.

I had a host choose to reschedule her party, so my Thursday is suddenly free. That will allow me to attend the prayer meeting that our pastor has scheduled. Unfortunately, I wasn’t exactly sure of the time, since someone had eaten my Sunday bulletin. Yes, you read that right. Someone ate my bulletin. It was a toddler. I didn’t realize how much damage she was doing to it until I got home; otherwise I would have picked up a new one. A quick text to my pastor got me that information.

I recently had my very first nosebleed. Within 24 hours I was in the emergency room. Two hours of clamping didn’t stop the bleeding, so I they inserted a medical balloon and inflated it to provide steady pressure.

The list goes on and on. My life is never dull.


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