I received a GPS for Christmas. I use it for a lot of different reasons. One of which is to get an idea of what time I’ll arrive at my destination. That lets me know if I have time to make another stop. I also use it to keep me on track. I miss a lot fewer turns or exits because of distraction now.

I live in the geographical center of nowhere. (As a matter of fact, my GPS can’t find my address. I’m simply a set of map coordinates.) Because the GPS system prefers to use main routes to get me places, I rarely use the first few instructions it gives me when I leave my house. I know faster, more direct routes to those main roads than it chooses for me. So, whenever I start out I hear “recalculating” a lot. Eventually the GPS lady and I are in sync.

It occurred to me that God probably needs to do a lot of recalculating for me. He has a plan. If I use his directions I’ll get to where he wants me. Instead, I head off in my own direction. I figure He has to adjust things to get me where He wants me to be. The big difference is that God’s way is always the better route. His plan is always best. Still, I tend to head out with my own plan in mind.

I’m working on getting better at consulting His plans for me before I head out. I’m hoping to reduce the amount of recalculating He has to do for me.


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