Will I?

This is Holy Week—the time between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. This year I’m focused on how quickly public opinion changed.

On Palm Sunday Jesus entered to cheers. People waved palm branches (the foam fingers and pom pons of their day) and put their coats on the ground so that even the feet of the donkey He rode wouldn’t get dirty. Here was the Messiah, the Savior. Here was The One they had been waiting for.

Less than a week later many of these same people were shouting, “Crucify Him!”

Why the change? He didn’t meet their expectations. Oh, there were men plotting His demise from the beginning of His public ministry. There were those who were trying to stir up sentiment against Him all along. But, the real problem was that Jesus didn’t have the same idea about what it meant to save them. They were concerned about today; He was concerned about eternity.

His blood had to be spilt. After all, sin requires a blood sacrifice. Even if the crowds had stayed on His side, He would have faced punishment for our sin. That was His choice.

Still, I’ve been thinking about the crowd’s change of heart—their disappointment. I see the same thing happening today. God doesn’t answer my prayer in exactly the way I think it should be answered, so I blame God. I turn from Him because I didn’t get my way. I’ve seen people go from praising His name to cursing Him in a matter of a few hours.

So, as I’m contemplating the change of that crowd’s feelings, I want to be aware of my own. Am I open to His choices for my life? Will I be okay with the way He chooses to answer my prayers?


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