Summer Is Coming

I know that some of my friends are still occasionally experiencing snow showers, but the calendar says that spring has arrived. The weather’s getting warmer, so I have some advice. I am not a fashion expert. I have been told that I have a pleasingly unique sense of style, but, to be honest, I’m probably as likely to end up as a Glamour “don’t” as a Glamour “do.” Plus, the rules have changed a lot over the years. We live in a time of do-what-you-want fashion. No longer is the wearing of white after Labor Day a fashion faux pas.

That said, there are some things I’d like to remind you of as we head into warm weather.

Sandals (and their cousins the open-toed shoe) should only be worn if you’ve taken care of your feet. I don’t think everyone needs to have pedi-perfect tootsies. However, if you’ve got nasty, calloused heels, please don’t show them to me. If your toenails are so long and thick that you could hang from them, I don’t want to see them. I also don’t want to see your toe jam. It doesn’t take much to make your feet look presentable, so please do. And, just a reminder, flip flops (no matter how cute) are not necessarily appropriate everywhere.

While we’re talking about shoes, please make sure they fit. Your toes and/or heels should not hang over the ends of your shoes. If they do, your shoes are too small.

Sleeveless tops can require special foundational garments. I know that some of your favorite stars go around with their bra straps showing, but that doesn’t mean it’s not tacky. If the armhole opening is large enough that it exposes your bra, you need to do something about it. That can mean wearing a sports bra (which doesn’t really look like a bra) or camisole under your top. Oh, and don’t think that going without a bra will solve the problem. No woman should appear in public without a bra.

Save the bathing suits for the beach or pool. Really. I know that Katie Perry sings the praises of the “Daisy Dukes, bikini on top” look; that doesn’t mean you should wear it to your local mall.

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but it covers my own pet peeves.


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