The Royal Wedding

I was impossible to escape news of the royal wedding. It was all over the news Friday and most of the weekend.

Several people talked about Kate’s dress. The experts used some of the same words over and over—classic, modest, timeless. Some pointed out that this is a new type of fashion icon for this generation. This generation has no Grace Kelly, no Audrey Hepburn. The fashion icons of today are often surgically enhanced, body baring, immodest celebrities. Here we have a beautiful young woman who covered the parts of her body that should be covered in public. She presented herself with poise and refinement. Good for her. I certainly hope that modesty becomes a more prevalent part of the fashion landscape.

With all of the hoopla surrounding the wedding, I can’t help but think of the pressures that this couple will have to endure. It won’t be easy. I certainly wish them a lifetime of love and joy.


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