Beware of Auto-Pilot

I’ve been doing direct sales for a long time. I’ve had my current business for seven years. I’ve got things down pat—host coaching, morning after emails, customer care calls, thank you letters, and such. Everything’s saved in my computer so that it’s easy to plug in the details and go.

The good thing about that is that it’s easy for me to do all of the follow up I should be doing. The bad thing is that it’s easy to get lazy. Before I know it I’m working on auto-pilot, and that’s when mistakes can happen.

If you have standard letters or emails you send out, when was the last time you actually read through them? I mean, really read through them? Does your host coaching letter mention something that you no longer include in your host packet? Have you included your new Facebook page info with your morning after emails and thank you letters? Are there any spelling or grammar errors that escaped your attention before? (This can easily happen if you change part of your letter but don’t read it through thoroughly.)

Make it a habit to check through the things you send periodically to catch things like this. After all, those emails and letters represent you. You want to make sure they represent you well.


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