What Do You Expect?

What are your expectations? Of your spouse? Of your family? Of your friends? Of your customers? Unmet expectations are the cause of a lot of anger and depression.

If I expect my husband to remember our anniversary, realize that it’s next Tuesday, and plan a romantic date, complete with just the right gift, I’m in big trouble. That’s especially true if I have not let him know what I expect. (For the record, my husband knows our anniversary, he’s just not always good at knowing today’s date. That means he may not realize that our anniversary is next ______.)

If I expect my friends to remember my birthday and send a thoughtful or funny card, I’m going to be disappointed. Oh, some will, but most won’t. They have their own things to worry about.

As my month is filling up (yeah!) with parties, I’m doing my host coaching. I’ve been thinking about what I expect from my hosts. I expect them to invite lots of people. I expect them to collect orders. I expect them to encourage people to order and schedule their own parties. Do they know that? Am I making it clear what I expect and, more importantly, how they can do those things?

If I don’t make my expectations clear, I can’t really be upset if others don’t meet those expectations.


2 Responses to What Do You Expect?

  1. Judith says:

    This post was very helpful. In the christian world we are taught to not have expectations of others. It prevents hurt and misunderstandings. I have carried this over to my business and I don’t expect my hosts to necessarily do what I want. I will be making some definite changes. I will have expectations and then communicate them to my hosts. Sometimes I am just too nice and just do whatever they want.
    Thanks for sharing here. I love your wisdom that you share so freely on chefsuccess too!!! You are one of my favorites.

    • mommabates says:

      Judith, I’m glad you found this post helpful. As human beings, expectations are a fact of life. Being willing to share them takes maturity and insight.

      As for Chef Success, I’m honored. That’s one of my favorite playgrounds.

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