Modern Technology

We live in an amazing time. Technology, such as email and Facebook, has allowed me to get in touch with friends and family across the country. Online communities allow me to share ideas with other direct sales consultants around the world.

But, are you making technology work to your advantage?

I take my phone with me nearly everywhere I go. But, if I don’t have numbers along to call so I can make my calls, it’s not doing my business much good. Yes, there are emails, Facebook, and texts, but they will never take the place of the personal call (or handwritten note, but that’s a subject for another blog).

One advantage I have is the software our company provides. It’s for submitting orders, but it also allows me to organize my contacts. I can print out a summary of any party. This means that I can have every name, phone number, and list of products order right in my hands. I can call Cathy Customer and ask her how that Wacky Widget is working for her. I can offer suggestions for using her Wacky Widget to its best advantage. In other words, I can make a personal connection.

Another great thing about my phone is the alarm. Really. I use it for so many things. Specifically for my business, I use it as a reminder for my nightly calls. Every weeknight on which I do not have a party (or other appointment) my alarm goes off at 7:15. I have it set to ask, “Have you made your contacts?” If I have, I just turn off the alarm. If I have not, I stop whatever I’m doing and make them right then. Since I started doing that I’m much better at getting my calls made. I no longer get involved in a project and suddenly realize it’s too late to call.

I love Facebook for connecting, but it is also a wonderful way to keep my name and image in front of my customers. My company now allows me to have a business page, so I take advantage of that. Am I great at it? No. But, I’m learning.

Now, modern technology does me absolutely no good if I don’t use it. If I only use my phone to take calls, I’ll miss out. If I only use my software to submit shows, I’ll miss out. If I don’t take advantage of my alarms, I miss out. If I only use Facebook to chat with buddies, I miss out. Think about how you can use the wonders of our age to help you promote, build, and nurture your business. After all, we live in an amazing time.


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