How Can I Make Them . . .

This question is asked all of the time by people who are starting to build a direct sales team. Generally, once you start building a team your success is at least in part based on how productive your team is. When they’re selling and recruiting, you benefit. So, the question becomes, “How do I make them [sell, recruit, or whatever]?”

The short answer? You can’t. Really. There’s nothing you can do to make someone hold parties, sell product, or sign people up.

You can encourage. You can give incentives. But, you can’t make them.

This is why it’s important, as a person in direct sales, to not rely on your team. I know in our structure my team must have so many people active (having submitted a minimum of sales) and a certain level of total sales. If I’m hitting or getting close to that sales level myself, I don’t have to rely as much on my team. If I’m recruiting, then some of my team can be inactive without upsetting my position.

I talked with someone recently from another direct sales company who criticized my company because my team members can promote out of my line. With her company you remain under the person who recruited you, no matter what. She told me that some months most of her income comes from someone who is now several rungs above her in the structure. I can understand how that is good from her point of view. I wonder if her recruit feels the same way, knowing that a portion of her sales goes to someone who is content to coast at a lower level.

So, it’s not about making your team do anything. It’s about doing everything you can to make sure you’re the most productive, most motivated person on your team. Being a leader means that you’re leading your team. Be an example.


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