My Temple

I heard something the other day as I was scanning radio stations. I’d attribute it if I knew who it was. She was talking about our bodies as temples. Now, I don’t think of fat/fit as a salvation issue. And, we need to be careful not to make our food choices, or exercise, or anything else but God become the focus of our time and energies. Still, at least while I could hear her, she had some good points.

One thing that really stuck with me was that taking care of our bodies can be an act of worship and a sacrifice of praise. I love that idea. Choosing to make the right choices is akin to choosing to honor the body God has given me. I can consider passing up the bad choices to be a sacrifice I make in praise of the gift of health.

Again, I’m not saying that if you are overweight and out of shape that you’re not a good Christian. What I’m saying is that self-medicating with food might not be God’s first, best choice for us. After all, I’m the one who has been left in charge of the upkeep of my temple.


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