Step 1

Do you ask for help? Do you take it once it’s offered?

At every one of my parties I ask for suggestions on how to do my job better. When I talk with my hosts, I ask them if there is anything I could have done to make their job easier. Sometimes people share their ideas with me. When that happens, I always listen.

I recently had a host share two great ideas with me. I had asked for her input (step 1). I evaluated her suggestions to make sure they were things I was willing to do and thought would be helpful (step 2). I implemented one idea right away. The other I’m working on. (Implementing ideas is step 3.)

No, not all ideas I get are ones that will work for me. That’s okay. Sometimes even those ideas have a bit of merit; it’s just a matter of figuring out how to make those bits work.

So, be sure to ask for help. After all, that’s step 1.


One Response to Step 1

  1. NooraK says:

    I’ve learned (especially after having kids) to be much more accepting of help. I used to be one of those “no, I can do it myself, thanks” people, but I’ve changed in the last couple of years. Recently, one of my neighbors insisted on helping in the kitchen during a party we were having. In the past, I would have made sure she didn’t do a thing, but this year I let her. My kitchen looked nicer after the party then before we started (and I made sure she knew how much I appreciated her help).

    I’m still not quite as good at taking criticism, even if it is constructive and helpful, or even asked for, but I’m working on that, too.

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