I’m Prepared

I often joke that I’m so well prepared because I’m married to an Eagle Scout. I really am prepared for a lot of things. I also joke that if you’re prepared, it won’t happen. In reality, I try to be prepared because I know that things can happen.

I keep several things in my van—small first-aid kit, a bit of makeup, hairspray, a high-protein/high-fiber snack. I also usually carry some business materials with me. I have a zippered accordion file in which I carry a few catalogs, order forms, and specials so I can do business if the opportunity presents itself.

The truth about why I’m prepared is this—I’ve suffered the consequences of being unprepared. I’ve had to pay extra for things because I had to buy them at a convenience store. I’ve lost business because I didn’t have the tools with me to take advantage of an opportunity. I’ve struggled with feeling not at my best in a situation because I needed a touchup but lacked the supplies.

Now I make sure I have certain things with me. It doesn’t mean I never encounter a situation for which I’m unprepared. I’m human, and way too many things can happen. But, I’m usually covered for the situations I’m most likely to encounter.

Honestly, I don’t think everyone needs to do the things I do. For one thing, not everyone can carry the heavy purse I carry or load up a van the way I do. What I am saying is that if you ever need a bandage, some aspirin, a little hairspray, or something from the line I sell, I’m prepared.

One note of caution: those who make fun of the big purse do not benefit from the big purse. 😎


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