Is That Right?

I often laugh when I’m invited to events during the summer time. “That’s 3 p.m. EST.” Really? Then I should subtract an hour from the time if we’re in the same time zone? From March until November we are under daylight time, one hour ahead of standard time. So, I’m sure what the organizer meant was “3 p.m. EDT.”

Since this happens so frequently that I’m in favor of using “3 p.m. eastern” instead. Of course, if your event is in an area in which everyone attending is in the same time zone, a simple 3 p.m. would do.

We get so used to doing things and simply copying and pasting. It’s important to check to make sure you’re not inadvertently giving out the wrong information.

Do you usually do something at 3:00? Make sure this one isn’t at 2:00.

Do you usually meet at My Favorite Restaurant? Make sure this one isn’t at Bob’s Favorite Bowling Alley.

It’s important to read over what you write. If you’re like me, it’s even more important to have someone else read over what you write. I know that proofreading isn’t my strong suit. I rely on spellcheck, grammarcheck, and The Furry Guy for proofing. (The Furry Guy is very bad at grammar and spelling, but he’s good at catching errors.)

So, while I know that the event I was most recently invited to is actually going to take place at 3 p.m. EDT, I will be quietly, privately bringing this error to the organizer’s attention. After all, I know I’d want someone to do that for me.


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