Shawn’s Girlfriend

Our son, Shawn, does not date casually. He is a 25-year-old man with strong Christian beliefs. One of his beliefs is that Christian adults date for the purpose of discovering if they are compatible for marriage. So, when he started dating this young woman in April, we knew it wasn’t casual. (I’ve not asked her permission to share her name, so I won’t.) She reached out to me on Facebook, so I’ve been getting to know her. Her mother and I message back and forth on Facebook. We’re all becoming acquainted.

This past weekend one of Shawn’s very good friends got married. Shawn was the best man, so he came up for the wedding. He brought his girlfriend with him. The original plan was for him to stay with the groom and her to stay with the bride. But, since she doesn’t actually know the bride she thought that might be uncomfortable. After all, the bride and her friends would be doing all kinds of personal things. Shawn’s solution was for her to stay with us. She agreed to that, as did we.

They got in Thursday afternoon. I had a party to do that evening. She’d never been to one. Shawn was spending the night with the groom doing bachelor party stuff, so she went with me. That gave us lots of time to chat and really get to know one another.

The next morning as I was making breakfast I started thinking about what an honor it was for Shawn to allow this precious woman to stay with us. I cannot imagine letting someone I cared for stay alone with my parents. I asked The Furry Guy, and he agreed that that was something he’d never have done. We were flattered that he trusted her to us.

It was fun to watch Shawn and his girlfriend together. She fit into his group of friends well. He was very protective of her without hovering, making sure she was comfortable and taken care of. They teased and joked with one another and with everyone else. They held hands and engaged in the occasional hug. Because of the purity pledge that Shawn has made and the code of conduct he agreed to as a pastor with his church, he and his girlfriend were never left alone at our home. As a matter of fact, while they were alone on the drive from Dallas to Indiana, they never stopped the car to sleep.

They weren’t here for long. They left shortly after the wedding to drive back to Dallas. Still, it was enough time for us to know that our son has found a very special young lady. We like her. Will she become our daughter-in-law? Possibly. Only time will tell. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to getting to know her better.


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