The Reunion

I recently attended my 30-year class reunion. It was fun. It was interesting. It made me think about high school.

I wasn’t popular in high school. I knew a lot of people, and a lot of people knew me. But, it was a big high school. There were nearly 700 in my graduating class. I was involved in the top show choir (there were two show choirs and a choral group), so I spent a lot of time with a small group of people. I can’t say that I considered them good friends, though. I was invited to parties within that group, but not outside of it. I got engaged my senior year and married soon after graduation.

So, as we gathered for our reunion I didn’t really fit in among any of the groups. Yes, I talked with classmates. We reminisced a bit. We caught up. Many of us are Facebook friends. Since the reunion I’ve added a few more of them to my list. As we’ve grown and matured many of us now find common ground. I am always pleased to find those classmates who know and love the Lord. Not surprisingly, those are the classmates I bond with most.

It’s also amazing how little some people change. There was a group of men who chose to write obscenities on their name tags instead of their names. Mind you, these men are in their late 40s. There were women in the ladies room being catty about others’ appearance, marriages, etc. Some things never change.

We did find that one of my classmates is now married to someone The Furry Guy knew from his high school. They were part of a group we met for dinner before the reunion. We really clicked and plan to spend some time together soon.

I enjoyed the reunion and the informal gathering the night before. I was fun to see where everyone is now. It was fun to chat with people I haven’t seen for years and hug a few I’ve gotten to know online. Will I go to the next one? Almost certainly. Am I really glad I’m not in high school anymore? You betcha.


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