Acting Like a Teenager

I was thinking about God as our Father. I think those of us who have parented teenagers understand a bit of what God must go through.

We human beings are emotional creatures. One day we love madly, the next we are angry. I believe at one point or another every teenager cries, “I hate you!” or “You just want to ruin my life!” If they don’t do it out loud, they think it. Ever felt that way about God? Ever railed at him because you didn’t get what you want? I know I have. I wonder if he felt the way I did when our son got into a snit because he didn’t understand why we said no to a request.

We parents know what’s best for our teenagers. We sometimes must watch them make foolish choices because they have refused our good counsel. They think they know what’s best. They want to do it their way. God knows what’s best for us, but we often insist on our own way.

Teens are notoriously embarrassed by their parents. “Mom, just drop me off at the corner” is a commonly heard phrase among parents of teens. They would rather pretend their parents don’t exist, even though they wouldn’t be here without them. Sounds like some people’s attitudes about God. They prefer to pretend He doesn’t exist.

It is my goal to mature to a point where my relationship with God is much more that of a love-struck teen. I want to desire to spend all of my time with Him. I want Him to be on my mind constantly. I want my desire to be never do anything that makes Him anything less that thrilled to be with me. That’s my goal. To go from the teen of a Loving Parent God to a Teen God Lover.


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