Don’t Spam Me, Bro

One of the many complaints I hear about direct sales people is that once they have your info they won’t leave you alone. I must admit that I’ve faced the same thing. So, I have some requests.

When we meet at a networking event, don’t assume I want to be added to your newsletter list. I might have my own consultant for your company. I might not even be interested in what you have to sell.

When we meet as vendors at a fair, festival, or expo, don’t assume I want your catalog or your business card. Again, you don’t know if I need a consultant or even want your products.

If I come to a party you’re doing, don’t assume I want your newsletter. I might have my own consultant. I might be at the party only because I feel like I owe the host a favor. Even if I purchased something, that doesn’t mean I love your products and want to hear from you every month or, heaven forbid(!), every week.

Every one of these things is essentially spam.

Yes, ask me and everyone else at that event or party if we would like your card, your catalog, or your newsletter. Yes, let me know how much of a benefit I’ll receive from it. Just don’t spam me. Please.


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