Savoring the Moment

No denying it, I lead a very busy life. Friends joke that my Facebook postings make them tired. Still, I have learned to master the art of savoring the moment.

A few different things I’ve read or watched lately have talked about taking the time to really be in the moment. Ironically, in the same time period I’ve watched people clearly rushing through life—gulping down food, not listening to their friend or their kids.

It was years ago that I made the decision that I really needed to learn to be present for the little moments in my life. If you could follow me through a day you might notice some strange things. I have a moment of bliss when I take my first sip of coffee or tea. When I’m walking I will often stop, close my eyes, and breathe very deeply. I have been known to sit at a stop sign (after making sure that no one is behind me) and just look at the trees or clouds for a minute or two. Often I’ll take those moments to thank the Lord for His many blessings.

When I’m with children I love just listening to them. They will tell you all kinds of things. They will share from their perspective on the world. It’s wonderful.

Yes, there are times I get really focused on my agenda and moving on to the next project. But, I am working on making sure that those times are vastly outnumbered by the times I just absorb and enjoy what is right in front of me.


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