Honoring Thanksgiving

I recently called in to a radio show to defend early Christmas shopping. I shop for Christmas all year long. My plan is to finish my shopping on Black Friday. The only exception is if I need to order something online on Cyber Monday. The radio host was protesting the early Christmas sales. It bothered him that the stores go right from Halloween to Christmas.

One of the things the host and callers talked about was the issue of stores opening on Thanksgiving so shoppers could get a jump on Black Friday. They seemed to blame the Black Friday frenzy for this. I can’t say I disagree. What I can say is that I will never shop on Thanksgiving. The only time I have is the day I was with my mother and she insisted that we stop at a store to take advantage of a Thanksgiving Day sale. I protested, but that protest was ignored. I did not go of my own volition, and never will. If I’ve forgotten something for Thanksgiving dinner, we won’t die without it. Everyone deserves to have that day to spend with family and/or friends, to serve the community, or simply to sit around and watch parades and football. That goes for people who work in retail, too.

Those who know me know that I start Christmas shopping right after Christmas. I start really talking about Christmas in September. I extend the holiday season as much as I can. Part of that is because I like to stick to my budget. Shopping all year long helps me to do that while still getting great gifts for those on our list. Another part is that it allows me to spend Advent and Christmas relaxing and enjoying the season.

I like that craft stores start making Christmas things available in June. After all, if I’m making things for Christmas I need to start about then. I also like that other retailers make Christmas items available starting on November 1, since I’m already in Christmas mode by then.

What I don’t do is skip Thanksgiving. That’s why I called in to the radio program. I wanted to make sure he and his listeners understood that some of us crazy early shoppers value Thanksgiving. It is very important to me. I will savor the day with family and spend my day giving thanks to my Heavenly Father for his bountiful gifts. I tend to do that frequently, but I make a special effort on Thanksgiving.


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