Changes for the Better

There have been a lot of changes in my life lately. One big change is a new job. No, I’m not stopping my social marketing/direct sales business. But, I do have a new adventure. I’m excited about it.

The funny thing is that I was not looking for a new job. Things were going well. I have frequently told people that jobs will not come to you; you have to go looking for them. I realized that three of the last four jobs I’ve had came to me. Then again, I wasn’t sitting at home watching game shows. I was out there. I was meeting people. I was sharpening my skills I was learning new skills. If you want new things in your life, you must be continually preparing for them.

My new job is connected to a ministry that I’m excited about. It fits my skills and my passions. I couldn’t have imagined that I’d be invited to participate in this way, but I’m looking forward to all that the future will bring.

So, if you’re not doing exactly what you’d like to be doing, what you are doing to prepare yourself for that job? What are you doing to make yourself into the person you want to be? Changes for the better don’t happen by accident. They’re a result of the changes you choose to make within yourself.


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