Why Servers Hate Coupons

I love coupons. I thoroughly enjoy getting a great deal on something. However, in these days of loyalty program rewards, Groupon, and Living Social, wait-staff has come to loathe great deals. They work just as hard for those tables getting a discount as they do for those paying full price. But, many people only tip on the discounted amount. That’s wrong. You should tip on the full amount before the discount.

Servers live on tips. Did you know that most servers may well below the standard minimum wage? The government assumes that tips will make up the difference, so minimum wage for servers is a fraction of the standard minimum wage. (Yes, that means that the server at your favorite special treat place is paid less per hour than the kid behind the counter at a fast food restaurant.) In addition, they often have to share those tips. In some establishments all servers share tips equally. In others a percentage of a server’s tips is given to the host/hostess, bussers, and others.

So, the next time you go to a restaurant and enjoy your free appetizer, upgraded dessert, or buy-one-get-one-free dinner, surprise your server and tip the proper amount (15-20%) on the correct amount (full price before discount and not including tax).

By the way, if you’re a Christian who is heading out to eat after church, remember this. The way you treat your server and the tip you leave both reflect on your witness. And, while leaving a tract can be a nice thought, if it accompanies a small tip it is a poor witness. If it is left in place of a tip, it’s an insult. (Yes, I know that their eternal soul is worth far more than a monetary tip, but that won’t help pay their rent.)


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