He’s a Winner

I once read (I’d attribute it if I could remember where) that a man will gravitate toward where he feels successful. It made me think about the way we women often treat our husbands at home. Does my husband feel successful at home? Do I talk more about the things he does right or the things he does wrong? How about the things he hasn’t gotten done? When he walks in the door is he greeted with joy and love, or is he greeted with a list of things to do and a list of the things that have gone wrong?

I want to make sure that our home is the place my husband would most like to be in the whole world. I want him to know that I see him as a wonderful, talented man. I want him to know that I consider myself blessed to be his wife.

Yes, I’ll still remind him of the things that need to be done. But, that will only happen after I make absolutely sure he knows that he’s a winner in our home. If men gravitate to where they feel successful, I want to make sure our home has the strongest gravitational pull on him imaginable.


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