I’m Raggedy Ann

I have a little framed card in my closet* that says “I’m a Raggedy Ann girl in a Barbie Doll world.” I thought it was cute. I also find it accurate.

I was thinking about it recently. There are quite a few differences between Raggedy Ann and Barbie. Raggedy Ann is soft and squishy. Barbie is stiff and plastic.

I have slimmed down a bit, and I’m feeling good about how I look. However, I will never be the sophisticated, willow-thin woman we’re told we should be. I’m okay with that. I have some cushiony padding for those times when little ones climb into my lap, and I encourage them frequently to do just that. I like to think of myself as resilient like the machine-washable Raggedy Ann instead of impervious to the elements like Barbie.

Don’t get me wrong; there is room in this world for both Barbies and Raggedy Anns. Barbies are cool and sophisticated. Raggedy Anns are colorful and ordinary. I know a few Barbies, and I value their friendship. I’m just saying that I’m comfortable with exactly who I am.

*That’s not as weird as it sounds. I have a wonderful walk-in closet thanks to my amazing husband.


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